Friday, August 7, 2020

Rides in August 1st. and 6th. A ride with a MISSION!

 Our ride on August 1st. was just to get more time on my GS GT20-RS and get in a ride before the afternoon Monsoon Rains came rumbling in over Pikes Peak. Just a local area ride mixing up the different trails and bike lanes around Colorado Springs.

Our ride on August 6th. was more of a "MISSION" ride, I was asked by JC from Wiz Wheel's, Inc. marketing dept. if I could get some photo's of the GS I won from them actually on a local trail so we headed up the Greenway to head west on Sinton Trail hooking up with the Foothills Trail to take us to the Mesa Rd. Outlook for a couple of  "Photo Op's" pictures. 

Sinton Trail on the way west to Foothills Trail South.

Taking the Foothills trail south, you normally run into a junction of the foothills and Mesa trails but found out they are finally taking out the old beat up asphalt and replacing it will fresh laid concrete on the Mesa Trail connector so we had to go out and get on 31st. Street and play with the tourist traffic for 1/2 mile over to Mesa Road to get to the Overlook. With Pikes Peak and the red rock formations of the Garden of the Gods in the background the overlook is a very scenic local spot for a photo op!!

Pikes Peak and the Red Rock Formations of the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO.

ME and my Greenspeed GT20-RS!
 Well with the mission accomplished, we headed to the Skate board park in Manitou Springs via the Pikes Peak Ave. back street over to Manitou Blvd. and to the park for our usual brown bag lunch and noticed they've added a 9 hole disc golf course to the Park, LOVE Manitou Springs always improving their parks and keeping them CLEAN!! :) Headed back to the storage unit but found out they've got the Creekside and Midland Trails blocked off due to the what seems, "never ending construction" on the area's around the trails, sigh so we used Pikes Peak then got past the blocked area's and took the Midland Trail over to 21st. street, to Walnut St. then over to the Pine St. trail via the bike lanes and back to tuck the trikes away and do our 1 mile walk back to the apt. 18 miles RT, 85F partly cloudy, just a little breeze so it was a good day for a MISSION RIDE!! :)

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