Friday, August 14, 2020

August 13th, 2020- Cottonwood Creek Trail and find my lost FLAG ride

 Aug. 13, HOT, 90 F+,  dry, sunny!  We headed north up the Pikes Peak Greenway to ride Cottonwood Creek Trail up to Cottonwood Regional Park, had our brown bag lunch and on the way back we had to LOOK for my FLAG!! It come off for the very first time for some reason so it was a slow ride back, even if it was mostly down hill heading back into down town Colorado Springs. 

Found the flag:) , some nice person picked it up and laid it in the shrub bed this is the one spot we have to get off the sidewalk on Fillmore St. and on the very busy road so we put the E-assist up to level 3 and haul buns 1/4 mile up to Mark Dabling Blvd. to get on the Pikes Peak Greenway North. Looks like the drive way bump with the quick speed increase made the flag fly off! Happy to find it, it's a $65 flag. :) We then headed back to the storage unit, tucked in the trikes and walked our mile back to the apartment! :) 20 miles RT.

Rain Run-Off structure on the Cottonwood Creek Trail
Cottonwood Creek Trail looking East, Colorado Springs, CO.

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