Thursday, June 18, 2020

Doing an errand run!

After the "Tour Test" last week we've been kinda "kick'in back" haven't gotten back on the trikes but on Weds. we needed to run a errand or two and the weather was hot and dry so we decided to use the trikes instead of the truck! We walked over to the storage unit, (it SUCKS not to a house with attached garage), prepped the trikes and headed north on Fillmore St. via the Sidewalk as the traffic is crazy and INSANE on Fillmore St.!!! Lucky for us the sidewalk is good and rarely used by foot traffic so we had clear sailing up to the 1st. stop at T-mobile to pay our phone/internet bill!! Then as we headed up to Old Templeton Gap Rd. we only had to deal with 1 ped. and lucky for us we caught up to him and passed him in a parking lot of a tire place!

We then got to Templeton Gap Rd. and went over the Nancy Lewis Park to have our brown bag lunch, it was pretty full so we took the table in the SUN at the edge of the park, lot's of little unmasked kids running wild but we were pretty secluded from the germs of the munchkin's madness at the park! ;) We ate then headed out to pick up the Rock Island Trail up to Chelton Rd. We then headed south to pick up the Bijou St. Bike Lanes back into downtown Colorado Springs and hooked up with the Shooks Run Trail heading north. Pulled into The Good Neighbors Meeting House for the afternoon ICED tea and banana afternoon snack! :) We then headed to the Pikes Peak Greenway but headed south for a bit to the Fontenero St. Trail Head and circled back to head north on the Greenway. Turned East on Polk Dr. then North on Wood back to Fillmore and then back into the storage unit parking lot!! HOT, 90+, a bit breezy and SUNNY!!! :( 15 miles RT. for the day! :)

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