Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Multi-Trail Ride, Oct. 13, 2019

We were set up to lead a local recumbent network ride up the Templeton Gap and Rock Island Trails with a lunch stop at a Subways but when we were ready to leave the staring point at the Goose Gossage Skate Park/BMX track no one else showed up. We rode the tandem trike up the T-Gap trail but decided to take back roads and bike lanes over to the RI Trail and head SOUTH instead of north and have lunch at STIR'S Coffee and Cocktails in the old Bonn Shopping Center.

We had a great pressed sandwich called the Colorado Club, then decided to head South again but on the Shooks Run Trail over to the Pikes Peak Ave. bike lane and into down town Colorado Springs. We then headed down the Colorado Ave. bike lane over to the Walnut St. bike lane and up to the westside of the Monument Valley Trail/Pikes Peak Green Way via a overhead bridge that crosses all 6 lanes of I-25 over to Monument Valley Park and then back streets over to the Fontenaro St. Trail Head parking area and back on the Pikes Peak Green Way trail heading north up to Criterium Bicycle Shop.

Had a nice chat with a lady on her fancy Catrike with E-assist, then headed back down the Green Way and to the parking lot were we left the old pick up truck. Loaded up and headed south via I-25 to our storage unit and tucked the tandem trike away! A beautiful FALL day in Southern CO. 65F, a bit of breeze and SUNNY! 20 miles RT. and great way to spend a Sunday together! :)
Here is a Video of our Multi-Trail Ride:

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