Thursday, October 10, 2019

October 6th. 2019, Motor Less Mornings Ride, Garden of the Gods, Co. Springs, CO.

We headed out from our staging point at the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort, between Co. Springs and Manitou Springs after a good "all you can eat" for $5 breakfast on the tandem trike to ride in the "Motor Less Mornings" event in the Garden of the Gods Park! It started out CHILLY, loading up the tandem at our storage unit it was 32F with winds gusting to over 40 MPH!!!! It started warming up SLOWLY as we unloaded and ate breakfast.
Ready to start the days ride!

We found a new and much less HILLY entry way into the GoG which started at the GoG Trading Post Store and Cafe, sweet! We joined the other bicycles, skaters, skateboarders, hikers, etc. really enjoying the great views and having the park with "NO CAR" traffic! The new 10 speed gearing made a BIG difference in our ability to climb the several steep grades and hills in the Park and made the ride even better. Here's a You Tube Video of the ride, enjoy! 

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