Friday, October 18, 2019

AZUB Recumbents Event Ride at Angletech

Thursday Oct. 17, 2019, I got invited to a AZUB Event at our local recumbent dealer, Angletech, ( here in Colorado Springs last Thursday. Since AZUB makes both recumbent trikes and bikes and JoLynn was working I rode my old Bike E AX bicycle. We started at Angletech and rode with a couple of AZUB Representatives who flew in from Eastern Europe for the event. We ride 18 miles to America the Beautiful Park in down town Co. Springs, then back to the dealership for a excellent catered lunch!! Got to ride with some folks from our local recumbent network and with my brother Bob's boss, Erine, who fell in love with a ICE Adventure FS with the Shimano E8000 Electric Assist motor! LOL, it's a LOT more expensive than the used Terra Trike Tour II that I sold him a few months back! ;) It was a good time overall, I'll add some photos when I can find some on the internet down the road.  65F, mostly cloudy but warm with a moderate breeze! :) BTW, I did try out a AZUB Origami 20 in. wheeled bicycle but I'm not sure I like the "Short Wheel Base" set up, LOL, I guess I'm a LWB or Compact Wheel Base (CWB), type of recumbent bicycle, not as fast but the LWB style is easier to ride and makes a great touring machine! :) Here is a good video from "Off Topic with John Switzer" on You Tube, (pls. like and subscribe) he and his wife ride new AZUB Trikes! :)

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