Saturday, October 26, 2019

Circumstances bring BIG CHANGES!

 Due to circumstances beyond our control, we've put the TT Rover Tandem Trike up for consignment sale at Angletech, the local recumbent dealer here in Colorado Springs, CO. Angletech-Cycledifferent We are having to move into a tiny apt. very soon and with the large increase in Rent and Utilities we can't afford a storage unit to fit the Tandem Trike in anymore!!

 We bought a trike for JoLynn, a USED Trident Stowaway I and as soon as it's gone over and set up proper, we will pick it up and she will be back on her own trike!! When the Tandem Trike sells, we will take the funds and have "E-assist motor" put on her trike to make it easier for her to climb hills!

I will be riding the old 2001 Bike E RX recumbent bicycle for the foreseeable future! We will miss being a "Tandem Team" as we really ENJOYED riding the Tandem together!  This change was forced on us, as the say, "stuff happens" and those "changes" can have a major effect on your life. At least we can continue to ride and enjoy our recumbents! :)

My wife, JoLynn and her "new to her" Trident Stowaway 1 Trike!

BJ's Bike E (RX) Bicycle

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