Monday, July 22, 2019

A lunch ride for a Canadian Chicken Sandwich

Oops I forgot to add a ride back on July 13th., we headed out for a lunch ride as we had stayed later than expected watching the Tour De France on NBCSN that morning so we took a ride via the "Hancock Expressway" Bike Lanes into Colorado Springs from Security just to try another route into town. We decided we wanted to try the "International Menu" at Mc Donald's, especially the Canadian Chicken Sandwich, with bacon and mozzarella cheese!! The Hancock Expressway is a very busy highway but most of it has decent marked "Bike Lanes", some spots don't so you have to be careful!! 

We headed north on a VERY HOT day, already 90F+ in the AM., the bad thing about this route is it has several steep inclines and HILLS with not a lot of shade!! Still we are never in a hurry when we ride the tandem trike so we slogged our way up the inclines and we did have some fast down hill here and there to at least kinda even the hills! We made it right at noon, the sandwich was quite good but a little greasy due to the mozzarella, we added a side salad and ice water and had a excellent lunch. Decided to head back via the southern part of the Shooks Run Trail back to the Hancock Bike Lanes and home. LOL, yes we stopped when a shady spot showed up and took water breaks!! It has come to our attention due to the weight of the Terra Trike Rover Tandem and gear for 2 riders we really NEED a Electric-Assist system for this tandem trike, that and the fact we are both 64 years old and JoLynn did have a heart attack in Jan. which brought on her Type 2 Diabities, we ain't getting any younger. We hope to have enough saved by Jan. 2020 to get the system installed by Angletech, it will just be there to "assist" us up the big hills. We got back to the storage unit and walked home a good day almost 20 miles with good uphill's! :)

Here's a link to our video of the ride:

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