Monday, July 8, 2019

First Ride on the Bike E RX bicycle!

Back on June 26th. I forgot to add to the blog that I finally got a decent weekday to get a ride on the "new to me" Bike E RX bicycle! Did a nice 25 mile RT ride both street and trail and I found I really do like this Bike E RX quite a bit. It's got a pretty smooth ride, except it does get at bit of a "bounce" from the rear coil shock if you have to push the pedals hard going up a steep hill but it's not bad. Once I got the "hang" of  having to balance and lean into corners again, the ride was FUN and it's easier to maintain a higher average speed on the bike than on the Trike Tandem. I'm glad I found this bike at a inexpensive price, I will enjoy riding it! :)

 On the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail heading north.
At the Julie Penrose Fountain, America The Beautiful Park, Colorado Springs, CO. 

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