Saturday, July 6, 2019

Independence Day, 2019 Ride

We got out early and headed to the local area, Independence Day Street Breakfast put on by the All Volunteer Security Village Fire Department. Had a good breakfast of pancakes (with cimamin & stevia sweetener instead of maple syrup), scrambled eggs and link sausage! :) They close off Main St. in front of Fire Station #1. and you see all the area volunteer fire departments, trucks and equipment! It was a real good turn out and the weather was already getting hot and very sunny. Afterwards we decided to head north to pick up the Sand Creek Urban Trail up to Wildflower Park in Colorado Springs. 17 miles RT, stopped under a picnic awning at Wildflower Park and had a great fresh apple, then headed over the a Subway for lunch, then made our way back to the storage unit! 90F, HOT and SUNNY! :) Happy Independence Day! Here's a video from my You Tube Channel of our ride to the Street Breakfast, ENJOY! :


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