Monday, April 4, 2016

Riding the new "trail extension" of the Cottonwood Trail

Here's some photo's of the new extension of the Cottonwood Trail, coming off the Pikes Peak Greenway and heading north to Vincent St. After going "under" Vincent St. it heads north towards Academy Blvd. but sadly due to "private property right a way issues", it stops just short of connecting to Academy Blvd.
Cottonwood Trail heading north off the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail

NOTE: As of April 4, 2016, there is now a "barricade" across the tunnel entryway and the trail heading north is closed off to traffic!! Problems with the Private Property Owner at the end of the trail forced the City to close this trail off, FYI! :(

Hopefully one day the property owners will give "right a way" permission,  once they see the value a rail trail can bring to an area! :) It was a beautiful sunny April day and my first longer ride on the new "Comfort Bike"! LOL, ya I'm OLD but just got tired of having a "pain in my neck" and couldn't afford a recumbent! So it's slow but FUN! :)

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