Friday, April 1, 2016

New Bicycle!!

I traded in the my 23 year old Mongoose Ridged MTB for a 2016 Del Sol LXI 6.1 Comfort Bike last Tuesday! I know "comfort bikes" are slow, ect. but I'm TIRED of having to ride with a Pain In My Neck!! Can't afford a Recumbent so the next best "sit up" type bicycle is a Comfort Bike! I'm sure I'll get some grief from some of the members of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club, that I'm a member of but, they will just have to put up with ME! LOL. ;)

I changed out the "seat", the Super Cushy" seat it came with is "too soft" for me, added all the accessories, now just waiting for it to "warm up" a bit! Found a newly built section of the "Cottonwood Trail" has been open so I'll head out on Sat. and check it out! :)

Here it is with all my "stuff" added, including the less "cushy" seat! :) 

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