Saturday, August 26, 2023

The Dog Days of August and now the Monsoon Type Rains left over from Hurricane Howard, Gray Skies, Chilly Temps!

 Well as usual, I'm falling behind on this blog, most of our rides have been the normal day to day runs of a transportation/recreational cyclist! Weds. the 23rd. we did our weekly Food Run and then a short ride up Sinton Trail to get unsweetened iced tea at Starbucks. It's been HOT here 90 F+ so the rides have been a bit shorter to "beat the heat" in the late afternoons. We've gone to a ride one day then walk the next kinda pattern due to the heat. Now sadly, the weather has turned 180 degrees on us, it's Gray, Chilly and Cloudy! We are getting left over moisture from the last gaps of Hurrican Howard, for us it's just weather feeling like early October not Late August!! On the 24th. we took a ride to do another "Camera Case Test" for wind noise. 

I taped off the large side hole and the tiny microphone hole in the GoPro Clear Case to see if I could bring down the WIND noises! LOL, it worked almost too well as my voice level was muted down a lot from normal using a Camera Case with the Ghost (openings) windows taped over. Here's the video: 

So now I either have to live with "muted sound", lot's of wind noise or go back to the Waterproof clear camera case, which means you Can Not hear me talking but will have zero wind noise in the background, the taped but muted non- waterproof clear camera case or take off the tape and we all put up with the WIND noise for my video's!!! Let me know what YOU think is the best way to go, thanks! 

We are now in day one of 4 that will be Gray, windy, chilly and at times heavy rains!! Hopefully by Tuesday the 29th. we will be back to a Normal Late Summer weather pattern. and back to riding!! :) Well that's it for now, hope your weather is much better and your getting in lot's of late summer rides, Bye for now, BJ. 

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