Sunday, August 20, 2023

2023-8-17 & 19-Downtown Burger and Bags Charity Event & a long errand ride up north!

 Our local recumbent network is the Pikes Peak Recumbent Network on Facebook, we are not a club or group, no formal government, we have a couple of volunteer ride leaders and we set up "Meet and Eats" at different Events or Eating establishments. Every year the Bank of Colorado, downtown Colorado Springs has a fundraiser for United Way. For 2023, it's called the "Burger and Bags Bash", for a donation, you get a In and Out burger, chips, drink. 4 of our PPRRN riders showed up to the scheduled "Meet and Eat". This year they had a huge Cornhole Tournament along with the Burger Bash. The 4 of us had a good time and then Jo and I headed out for a ride.

 On the 19th. our ride was mainly a Errand Run, we just switched for T-Mobile 5G internet and phone to Xfinity Broadband and phone set up. We had to take the "Gateway modem", to a T-mobile store but found out it has to be returned to a "Coorporate Store", which is a long way from were we stopped for iced tea and our brown bag lunch!! It was a HOT day, 90 F so we decided to head to the coorporation store anyway! We used the detour path up to Vincent St. bridge and picked up Campus Dr. over Woodmen Ave., then LOL, back to Vincent St. the backway to Academy Blvd. Had no problems with the turn in of the Gateway at this store. Headed to Panera Bread for a 2nd. unsweet iced tea and ate our homemade engery bars for a very late afternoon snack. Here is a couple of photos from Vincent St. on the north side of Woodmen Ave.

I've started using the old GoPro Hero 2 as my Still Photo Camera, it was set for 11 mega pixles and WIDE lens but it had a bit of a old "Fisheye lens" bending at the ends of the photo!! I changed to 8 mega pixels and MED lens and it works much better! :) It was 5:30 pm by the time we headed from the storage unit back to the apartment. A long HOT ride but we got it done! Even with the heat is was a beautiful day and a good RIDE! 19 mile total. 

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