Thursday, March 23, 2023

March 23, 2023-It's the windy bi-polar weather time of the year, Spring is very unpredictable here in So. CO.

 It seems all we do is "dodge storms" this time of year here in So. Colorado! It's been mostly quick rides or food runs, etc., the winds can be really strong and yesterday, we did a food run and got sprinkled on here and there all the way back to the apt. to unload the food stuffs. We couldn't decide weither to head for the storage unit or ride out and get an unsweet iced tea with our usual brown bag lunch. LOL, we decided to "damn the torpedo's" and head up to the University Village Colorado Center and head to Starbuck's. The dark clouds were looming over the foothills but it stayed clear so we could eat our lunch although the breeze was getting stronger. 

We thought about riding up to Criterium Bike Shop but saw the clouds were now "creeping" lowly over the foothills and the sprinkles were getting larger!! We put on our rain gear tops and headed back to the Pikes Peak Greenway and south to the storage unit. The winds came up but a slight clearing appeared overhead so we got the trikes put away and walked back to the apartment. Thursday's weather is looking like, "more of the same" and later Friday thru Sunday, they are talking about lite SNOW possible and much colder temps. so it's not looking good for riding for several days, BUMMER!!  Here is a photo from our ride on the 19th., the last nice day of riding looks like it could be next week before we get out and about on the recumbents again! 

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