Thursday, March 16, 2023

March 14, 2023-A NICE day for a ride

 Lot's of messy weather lately but Tuesday turned the tide for a couple of days. Sunny, high 50 F temperatures and of course wind but not as strong! We headed south on the Cascade St. Bike Lane to down town to cast our votes for the local area elections for Mayor and Council Member seats! From there, we headed over to America the Beautiful park to pick up the Midland Trail towards Manitou Springs. Stopped off at the Co. Ave. and 31st. St. Starbuck's and got a unsweet iced tea to go with our bag lunch. Decided to head up the 31st. Bike Lane to pick up the Foothills trail past Garden of the Gods over to Garden of the Gods Road and down the Sinton trail over to Angletech stopped and talke to Kirk the main tech about getting "new disc brakes for Jo's ICE Trice T. Ate our snack at the shop then headed down Sinton trail to the Pikes Peak Greenway and back to the storage unit. It stayed sunny and nice all day although the winds got stronger in the afternoon. Around 20 miles total and a excellent day to RIDE! 

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