Thursday, March 2, 2023

March 1, 2023-Just some updates!

 LOL, well we've been mostly getting in transportation type rides lately, having to get in errands between Cold Fronts and Snow storms! :( A little good news is that I picked up my "new to me" ICE trike, now the odd thing is that, Angletech, listed this trike as a Trice Q but on the frame the decals say: Sprint 2? I sent a information request to ICE Corp. customer service and got told that even though I have the "older style" "Trice" rear fork and boom, this trike may be a bit of a 1st. of the Sprint series hybrid or due to a last production run frame problem with the ICE Trice Q trikes, it may have received a "new series" ICE Sprint frame set?? I have to get the serial number and send it to Patrick at ICE Customer Service to answer this mystery! ;) 

When ICE stopped production on the "Trice series" and switched to the new, "Adventure/Sprint series", that replaced the Trice. The Trice T became the ICE Adventure, the Trice Q became the ICE Sprint models. ICE trikes have STEEL frames with Aluminum rear fork (swingarm) and boom. It's looking like I have a Sprint 2 (rear suspension) steel frameset with a Trice Q aluminum rear fork and boom! LOL, yep, that's what I call a hybrid!! I will add a photo of the trike later to this blog post. To finish, on Feb. 28 I picked up the ICE trike. 

I dropped off the Terra Trike Tour for some minor adjustments so now I have the TT Tour up for sale on Facebook Market Place and Colorado Springs and Denver Craigslistings! Asking, $700 with deluxe seat pad cushion or $600 with stock, Mesh seat only!! It's a really good price and a great med. level recumbent trike, jmho. 

LOL, on March 1st. I had to do the long walk to the city bus stop to pick up the #14 and head over to Angletech to pick up the TT Tour. Of course it's grey, windy and COLD!! As I was arriving at the shop, the snow started falling, RATS! Oh well, I just got the trike and rode it back to the apartment in the falling snow, a very cold ride!! ;) Hopefully we can get out for a recreation ride by Sunday, it's supposed to be 60F and sunny although with a fairly heavy breeze it won't feel quite that warm! That's it for now, winter time is a RPITA for us but we just have to grin and bear it! Get out and RIDE if you can! :)

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