Monday, December 12, 2022

December 11, 2022-A ride before the next Cold Snap of weather

 Gota cold snap on the way for Tuesday with possible snow and then it's gona stay cold maybe all the way to Christmas Day, ARRUGH! :( Sunday, the 11th., looked good so we decided to do halfway on one trail and then the 2nd. half on another trail. We headed up the Sinton Trail to see if they have done ANY work to finish the trail up to Garden of the Gods Rd. and 31st. street. Sadly, that last few blocks of concrete is still mostly dirt and blocked off, Bummer! Well we headed up to the Loaf N Jug store for a break and more water. We went back on the trail all the way to the Pikes Peak Greenway and then headed north. Heading for the University Village Colorado Center and Panera Bread. It was warm enough to sit on the patio in the sun so we got a "iced unsweetened tea", instead of the Hot tea we've been getting on the last couple of rides to warm up a bit! From there we headed north again on the Detour Trail up to Criterium Bicycle Shop and then back on the Pikes Peak Greenway heading south to the apartment as the sun was getting low in the sky. Winter days really go fast as you have to wait a bit long to start to let it WARM up, LOL! ;) I stopped at a feeder stream that goes into Fountain Creek to take a photo.

Well it's going to be wicked cold for quite a while, a VERY COLD food run this week for sure! There are times when not having "auto transportation" is a RPITA but just gota grin and bare it to get the job done, Happy Holiday Season!

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