Friday, September 16, 2022

September 2022-Back to normal with a lot of "transportation rides"

 Well since our ride to try out Glamping, it's been back to normal, just area rec. rides with a lot of "transportation" type rides. We did a Food Ride on Weds. then Thursday, we had lots of errands to ride too, CU, Post Office, Drug Store, T-Mobile store (phone and internet bill), then we wanted to head up the Rock Island Trail up to Constitution Ave. and go to Panera Bread for lunch. I need to get to a Goodwill Retail Store and buy some semi-dress clothes as we we invited to the Widefield High School Class of 1972 50th. Reunion on the 25th. I am retired so I never needed "dress clothes", LOL!  Well, our plans were foiled by the big, thick, black CLOUDS coming over Pikes Peak and the foothills at a very quick pace!! We decided to call it a day and managed to get back to the apartment before the storms! ;) Today is Friday Sept. 16 and we plan on heading out and giving it another try today!! :) The ride will be straight north on the Rock Island Trail then heading over to Constitution Ave. and into the 1st. and Main Center complex to hopefully "find" a new Panera Bread for lunch, then back across Constitution Ave. down the road to the Goodwill Retail Center! The weather is supposed to be better today but with So. Colorado it's always "bi-polar" weather, LOL! They say it will start a bit of a warming trend, which will be nice, we prefer the HEAT to the COLD anyday! Still you can feel Fall is in the air, the mountains have started their yearly seasonal color change of the Aspens, so sad, summer takes so long to get here then goes by so fast! :( Hope you getting great weather and lot's of riding in! BJ and Jo :)

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  1. I also do most of my errands by bike. Anything under 10 miles, it's bike. Unlike youse two, I prefer the cold over the heat. It all depends on the wind. Zero with no wind and the sun shining is no problem. Once the wind's a problem. Your hope of those like me having good weather and lots of riding has been realized here.