Thursday, June 2, 2022

Memorial Day ride to honor the Fallen 2022

 We have a usual tradition if we are at home on Memorial Day, we ride to the "Veteran's Memorial" in Memorial Park in Colorado Springs. This year, it was a bit of a rough ride as it was extremely WINDY 45+mph gust's and quite chilly. The Special Forces Association holds a memorial service and lays wreathes of flowers at each of several different Military Service Memorials that surround the tower. We feel we must take a part of this day and remember, "All gave Some, Some gave ALL"! We have no problem with the gatherings and BBQ's but we should all take at least a few minutes of Silence and reflect on the sacrifices of those that fought in horrible places to give us our FREEDOM to enjoy the day, remember "FREEDOM IS NOT FREE"! 

From there we headed over to the Evergreen Cemetery to place flowers on my Grandpa's Grave Stone at the American Legion Plot. after that we fought the WINDS blasting sand in our faces over to a semi-secluded picnic are on the end of the Shooks Run Trail and ate our brown bag lunches, even as the WIND tried to blow our food to Kansas!!!! :O Headed north on the Shooks Run Trail to home and was really glad to get out of that WIND! With the Fallen Honored, we fired up the little, George Forman Grill (inside version), and grilled us some hotdogs added coleslaw, potato salad, baked green pea crips and 1/2 apple and had our Memorial Day feast "inside" watching the poor trees bend in the WIND! 12 miles RT, cloudy, very chilly and WINDY. Still a good day for a RIDE with a purpose! :)  

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