Thursday, June 9, 2022

June 8, 2022- A nothing special kinda ride!

As you know, we don't own a CAR, sadly just totally out of our MEAGER budget! So we usually do a weekly Food Run to 85% of the time a local Walmart Neighborhood  Marketplace store or 15% a even closer Safeway Store. We usually use our home built cargo trailer or if we are just getting a few items we ran short on, we have 2 hand pull carts. Well yesterday was our June SS retirement income pay day so we had to also go to the Bank, which is downtown. We also needed to drop off our Voting Ballots in one of the many drop boxes located thru-out the city and lucky for us there is one downtown at the County building! So we headed to downtown, dropped off our ballots and then headed to the bank. Jo had to get a new ATM card as her's has developed a problem and won't work anymore! 

There is just enough space to park the "RIG" and Jo's trike just off the wide sidewalk infront of the bank so I stand "GUARD" as Jo goes and pulls out the money we need. Lucky for us we have a nice downtown, not like Denver's "Concrete Canyon" of sky scrapers!! From there we head over to the Weber St. bike lane heading north to get back to the Rock Island Trail heading east over to the Neighborhood Marketplace Store. Got our shopping done, head back to the apartment, unload the food, etc. put away the frozen and cold items, then I pull the cargo trailer back up to the apartment. We then head out to have our brown bag lunch at Panera Bread off of the Pikes Peak Greenway and it's quite a bit later than we normally do this so we decided to order Dinner instead. We had a good peperoni pizza and unsweet iced tea, we are members of the Unlimited sip club so we can have as much iced or hot drinks as we want as long as we are at the cafe!! :) 

We then decided to head north on the Detour Trail to Criterium Bike Shop, pick up the PP Greenway and head back south to home! 21 miles RT, sunny, 80 F hardly a cloud, if your stuck doing errands for the day, this ain't too bad a way to do it!! :) 

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