Saturday, June 4, 2022

June 2, 2022-Ride to the "Kickoff Party/Gathering" for Bike to Work Day, June 22nd.

 While most of the USA claims "National Bike Month" is in May, LOL, here in Colorado due to our "Bi-Polar" weather in the Spring uses "JUNE" as our official State Bike Month and there is usually a official "Bike to Work Day", which is June 22nd. for 2022. There are event's here and there throughout the month, on June 2nd. BikeCOS and SRAM (bicycle component company), hosted at "Bike to Work Day, Kickoff Party/Gathering" at 4 PM at the FH Beerworks Brewery! Yes, for some reason, most folks think Bikes And Beers are a natural pairing, LOL, for Jo and I we don't drink booze but we do enjoy the company of other riders sometimes so we decided to go. We found a "unofficial ride" hosted by our excellent friend Allen Beuchamp from TOSC (Trails and Open Space Coilition) set up a ride leaving from STIR coffee house up to the Kickoff Event. 

Alas we weren't in the photos due to we are "very slow riders" so we headed out on the Rock Island Trail heading east while they took a group photo and Allen told them about the addition of the "Rock Island connector trail" from the PP Greenway to Rock Island that's being built this summer! It's great for Jo and I as the trail will start right behind our apartment complex! :) So, as usual we rode our slow but steady pace and as we knew they would (most of the bikes were E-assist MTB's!!), catch us long before we got to FH Beerworks. 

We got there just as they ended another group photo at the Beer Tower in front of the Beerworks and joined them for a really nice celebration! 

We shared a Cheese Skirt Burrito, much different ingredients than our normal Taco Bell Bean with added Beef burrito but still quite good! BikeCOS (Bicycle Colorado Springs) is the city sponsored bike advocacy group, which I am a new "Bronze Level Ambassador", I help with local bicycling events, etc. Here is there link: Home - Bike Colorado Springs SRAM of course is a nationwide bicycle component company that is headquartered in Colorado Springs and they had drawings, stickers, etc. a very festive atmosphere indeed! :) We stayed till 7PM, then headed home again via the Rock Island Trail, one of only 3 actual "Rail Trails" here in the city. Got home just as the sun was going down behind Pikes Peak. A really great event, looking forward to "Bike to Work Day"! Here is a video of our ride up to the Bike to Work Day, Kickoff Event: 

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