Monday, October 5, 2020

Local area trails, bike lanes, etc., September 26 and 30th. Just getting in any ride before it finally turns COLD!

 LOL, well since we haven't received any more Stimulus Money from the Fed. Government, we've just been hanging around our local area and getting in rides while the warm weather still clings on as we enter Fall and cold of WINTER on the way! On Thursday the 26th. we headed north on the Pikes Peak Greenway, then east on the Templeton Gap Trail over to Nancy Lewis Park for our brown bag lunch got back on the T-Gap Trail heading west this time back to the Greenway, then headed west on the Sinton Trail over to 3lst. Street, turned around again and headed back to the storage unit as we were going to our monthly "Game Night" with friends so we had to get back to the apt. to clean up! 16 miles RT, warm and sunny! 

September 30th. We headed out from the storage unit and took the back streets over to the Rock Island Trail heading east got to the current end at Powers Blvd. T-Gap Road bike lane heading south and then picked up back streets and rode different bike lanes and streets around and throughout down town Colorado Springs and came back heading north on the Cascade St. bike lane! LOL, had a guy pass us and give us a SNUB look of disgust, like oh it's those slow trikes, why don't they ride a rear bicycle!! Well I shifted up to the big chain ring and put the E-assist on 1 and hauled up behind him and stuck to his rear wheel for several blocks, then just blew by him, guess he found out the old folks on the Trikes are capable of hauling bunns if we CHOSE too, ;). 21 miles RT, sunny and a bit smoky due to the forest fires in So. WY. and No. CO. Hope the weather keeps up for a bit longer, not ready to have to bundle up just to ride!!! 

Lunch stop on the Rock Island Trail



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