Monday, September 21, 2020

September 12, 15 and 20 rides, 2020

 We we out on local area trail rides that we've done a lot as of late so I'm not going to put in a big ride report for them!

Sept. 12 Ride: Tiny Chapel at the Rockledge Ranch inside the Garden of the Gods.

Tiny Chapel

Sept. 15 Ride: Just a weekday ride on the Pikes Peak Greenway with a stop at the Good Neighbors Meeting House for iced tea and a banana! :)

Stop at the Good Neighbors Meeting House

On Sunday Sept. 20, we headed north on the Pikes Peak Greenway trail up to Woodman Ave. to hook up with the New Santa Fe Trail which is all DIRT thru the USAF Academy, Monument and Palmer Lake, CO and beyond. Decided to see how our trikes with treaded "ROAD" tires would fare on the short but steep, gravely trail! We decided our destination would be Ice Lake on the USAF Academy ground along the trail. It went good, had a bit of slippage here and there but with a little E-assist and spinning I made all the up hill inclines first try! Alas, Jo was having a bit of trouble on some but she just backed up and got a better run or dialed in a bit more E-assist and we made our way to Ice Lake which is a large fishing pond with a single track trail around it. We rode a short way north on the trail and found a parking area with a nice shade tree and flat large rock and ate our brown bag lunch! 

After accomplishing our goal, we turned around and headed back into down town via the trail to Boulder St., then headed back north to the storage area on the Cascade Ave. bike lane. 23 miles RT, 85 F, a bit hazy and smoky but a enjoyable ride! Might look into a different rear tire, more a dual-purpose type just incase we decide to get "DIRTY" in the future!! ;)

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