Wednesday, September 2, 2020

September 2, 2020-Garden of the Gods, Motorless Mornings ride!

 JoLynn and I rode the Garden of the GODS, "Motorless Mornings" at the park today from 5AM to 8AM, there's no auto traffic allowed and it's only hikers and bike riders! We loaded up the PU truck with the trikes and headed over to the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort between Co. Spgs. and Manitou Springs. The set up a $5 continental breakfast from 7-10 AM. So we headed up to gain access to the park at the Trading Post entry way and headed up hill to ride the Garden Loop Rd. that goes around the whole park. It was great to see the sun rise and get in a great ride! After we finished we headed back to the Buffalo Lodge for the breakfast and then rode around Manitou Springs to get a total of 16 miles RT. Perfect weather, it was a very enjoyable ride, except for the slight malfunction I had with my seat, had to pull out the tools and loosen several bolts so I could move the seat forward to clasp the quick release in tighter!! Seems ok now! :)

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