Sunday, February 2, 2020

Riding the Templeton Gap Trail

Sunday, Feb. 2nd. We got lucky and got a rare 60F+ weekend this Sat/Sun so we took advantage and got in a ride both days!! We got over to the storage unit and I got a couple of adjustments on my trike but it took longer than I thought so we finally got on the trail at 11 AM. it was a beautiful SUNNY day, a bit of breeze but it felt more like "late spring or early summer" than the first weekend in February!! We headed north on the Pikes Peak Greenway and ran into a Runners Event of some kind the Greenway was quite crowded but we took the Templeton Gap Trail heading east and at the top of the first incline we ran into a "DETOUR"!! We waited for YEARS for this section of the trail to be paved and now, it looks like there installing sewer piping and took out a section of the newer concrete trail so we had to "BMX" the dirt and bumpy detour and then got back on the trail and up the 2nd. very steep incline!

We headed north/east as the trail follows a huge ditch for flood drainage so it's out of traffic and pretty quite! We passed Portal Park and then headed to our favorite city park here in Colorado Springs, the Nancy Lewis Park off Old Templeton Gap Rd. it's a bit off the actual trail but there is short back street and Bike Lane access to the park.
The view at our favorite city park, Nancy Lewis Park, it's always full of families on a Sunny Day! :)

We ate our brown bag lunch and talked to a very nice senior lady from Germany who's moved to the USA with her husband, who sadly passed away. She was really interested in our trikes as they rode bicycles in Germany for years! We headed back up to the trail and headed north but vered off to the east thought I was taking us back to the Greenway but my memory isn't as good as it used to be we ended up back at the Bike Lane on Old Templeton Gap Rd. and then pick up the Rock Island Trail back to the storage unit and LOL, I did a hours worth of more "adjustments" to our trikes. Tomorrow, Monday, Feb. 3rd. it's going to drop "40" degrees from today's record high temp. of 70F and we've got SNOW coming late in the day and most of the day Tuesday, YUCK!! :( We walked home and started dinner! :)

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