Monday, November 25, 2019

Local area ride, oh the pain of WINTER!! ;)

Saturday the roads still had quite a bit of Ice and Slush on them but by late afternoon it was drying up. We waited to 10 AM on Sunday as it got down to 20F and needed to WARM UP before we decided to ride! We figured a lot of the trails in Co. Springs would have more ice and snow on them due to the shade of trees and bushes so we decided to just ride the local roads around Security and Widefield where we live. Since it was a late start we decided to head out to lunch and taco bell was the choice of the day. After a good $1 menu triple layer nacho and couple of soft tacos we headed south along Widefield Blvd. down to ride the C&S road to the turn around point (ie: the closed the road access out to Hwy. 85/87) and turned around and headed back into Widefield to ride up to Widefield Park, stopped there for a break and then as it was around 2 PM. we headed back to the storage area and tucked the recumbents away! 13 miles with a lot of high clouds but still some sunshine here and there, with temps in the 50F+ so it ended up being a ok day to ride! That's good as Thanksgiving week is NOT looking good at all, very cold with snow a couple of times during the week, RATS was hoping for T-Day ride but we will have to wait and see! :)

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