Sunday, November 24, 2019

Changes Part 2, the Movie, LOL!! ;)

Well looks like I'm changing rides again, at least kinda! We were trying to sell our TT Rover Tandem Trike on consignment at our local recumbent dealer here in Colorado Springs, CO. Being WINTER is not the best time to sell any kind of recumbent and there's been NO interest after a couple of months. The shop get's 30% of the money and after 6 months they get 40% well that wouldn't leave me enough to get a E-assist system for JoLynn's trike anyway so I've decided to just have them convert the tandem back to a single trike for ME!  The neat thing about a Terra Trike Rover Tandem is that you take a single Rover trike and "ADD" a Tandem extension kit to it to make it a "tandem". So you just take out the "extension kit" and you've got a single TT Rover Trike! :)

I will be going back to riding a TRIKE hopefully by the end of this coming week, (Nov. 30th. ).  We are having to move into a much smaller place, very soon and won't be able to afford a separate storage unit! This is due to both of us are going to be "living" on just our tiny Social Security Retirement by February 2020! We need to sell the Bike E and just have the two trikes! The Rover Trike is nicely upgraded it's now has a 10 speed rear derailleur with a 11x42 cassette and a Efneo 3 speed IG drive unit up front for a total range of 30 speeds!! The brakes were upgraded to shimano hydraulic disc brakes, etc. Ya it's still just a Terra Trike Rover, slow but comfortable. Photo's when I get it and can get a ride in, the weather here is not looking great for Thanksgiving and the weekend after, RATS!!

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