Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A brown bag lunch ride

On Tuesday,  Nov. 19th. we had one of those lovely Indian Summer type days, it got up to 70F with just a bit of breeze and clouds for the morning and early afternoon. Decided it was too nice to ride the exercise trainer so I got the Bike E out and headed up to pick up the Sand Creek Trail via the Hancock Expressway/Boychuck St. bike lanes from Security. Picked up the Sand Creek Trail heading north to Wild Flower Park for my brown bag lunch stop and a restroom break.

After eating I decided to ride up to Sagebrush Park on the trail, rode around the park and headed back south on the trail. The clouds were coming in high and thicker over Pikes Peak so I headed down the trail back towards the storage unit for the day! Enjoyed the 15 mile ride, locked up the bike and the storage unit and walked home!
A nice view of Pikes Peak from the picnic table at Wild Flower Park

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