Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Riding and a Video of the "Cottonwood Creek Trail", Colorado Springs, CO.

On August 3rd. we decided to load up the tandem trike into the truck and ride and video the Cottonwood Creek Trail! We started at Criterium Bicycles/Crit Café on the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail which is 1 mile south of the PPGW & Cottonwood Creek trail junction! At the junction we headed north-east to the CCT end just north of the Cottonwood Creek Recreation Area/Park. It was hot, 90F, sunny with just a touch of a breeze, the trail heading East is a constant "uphill grade" so it's slow going for us on the tandem trike, "without E-assist" but it's a really nice concrete trail with great view for a "urban" trail! We got to CCT and Academy Blvd. decided to get lunch, thought there was a place at Academy and Woodman but there wasn't so we had to go a couple of miles north on Academy, finally found a 5 Guys burger joint and got a really great grilled Hot Dog!! We headed back to the CCT and again headed north-east, the concrete part of the trail ends up by Austin Bluffs and turns into a "dirt single track trail", which is no place for a recumbent trike tandem!!!! So we just turned around at the "dirt" and headed back to the park for a shade break and excellent Fuji apple! :)

Going back on the CCT, it's mostly "DOWNHILL" grade so it's a blast on our heavy tandem trike we can really fly down the trail but we keep it mellow as there is a lot of bike, peds, dog walkers, etc. on this trail, still a really enjoyable ride! Here's a vid from our You Tube site, enjoy! :)

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