Thursday, August 1, 2019

One HOT Ride!!!

Sunday, July 28, Wow we've had a lot of days in the 90F+ in July and that's rare here in Southern CO.!! We headed out for a lunch ride, using a different route into Colorado Springs from Security than normal. We headed up Hwy. 85/87 to Las Vegas St., now back in the 1970's when I was in high school we used to ride our bikes into the Springs via Las Vegas St. all the time but over the last 20 years it's gotten insanely busy with all the local, prisons and rehab places and a lot of big trucking companies!! You'd NEVER want to ride a bicycle or trike on it from Mon.-Sat. but since it was Sunday, we decided to give it a try! It turned out to be ok, just mostly car traffic and not super busy so we rolled into down town and had the only, "thin crust" pizza we like at Louie's on Bijou and Tejon, one great pineapple and ham pizza and a big salad, next time we only order 1 salad and share!! Headed back the same way, went thru a lot of water and ice but still enjoyed the ride! Here's video of the ride, split into two parts! :)

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