Thursday, August 1, 2019

Just too nice of a day not to RIDE!

Wed. July 31, Our HEAT WAVE continues, today is suppose to be 95F+ but there's not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky so I decided to get on the Bike E and head out to see how I can handle the heat! Decided to use Hwy. 85/87 up to Las Vegas St. just far enough to get to the southern extension of the Sand Creek Trail to hook up with the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail into Colorado Springs since it's got more SHADE than any other of our routes from Security to Co. Springs. Man the shade from the tree canopies feels much better than the blazing sun so it take it all the way to America The Beautiful Park, stop use the restroom and eat a apple, just sit in the shade under a tree and take in views of Pikes Peak and watch all the kids splashing under the Julie Penrose Fountain! :) Was going to ride all the way to the Crit Café next to Criterium Bicycles but time was getting away from me so I headed via back streets to the "Drive Inn" a little 50's style burger joint for a hot dog! YIKES, I forgot my wallet so NO LUNCH but lucky for me I still got two kids Cliff Bars so I ride back to the park and chow down on a bar, then head back on the PPGW trail. Stopped at the baseball/scoocer fields in the shade and ate the 2nd. Cliff Bar, then headed home! 25 mile RT and was glad to get back to the house with the swamp cooler running! :)
Quick photo op at the "Low Bridge" on the PPGW trail!

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