Wednesday, May 1, 2019

We finally got a TANDEM Recumbent Trike!!

Our first tandem experience was on a new 2011,  Trek 900 DF Recreational Tandem. We really liked being a "Tandem Team" but due to my Reiter's Syndrome (arthritis), I was having a lot of joint pain (knees) due to having to "hold up" the weight of a passenger and a heavier tandem so we sold off the tandem, but have still wished we could get one again!

 On April 27th, 2019 we bought a "used",  Terra Trike Rover Trike with a "Tandem addition kit"! It has a very different drive train, a Efneo 3 speed internal drive unit, instead of a "triple" chain wheel (up front) and a NuVinci 330 CVT rear hub (in the rear) also all gears internal so we have "no derailleurs"!  Angletech our local recumbent dealer delivered the tandem trike to us at 5:30 PM so we didn't get a chance to ride it that day. We are really Happy to be a "TANDEM TEAM" again! :)
[NOTE* We've sold Jolynn's TT Cruiser trike and will sell my TT Tour II trike in January 2020, when JoLynn retires and goes on her "earned" Social Security Retirement, then we will ONLY have and ride the Tandem Trike!]

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