Sunday, April 21, 2019

FRRTBG Road Ride: Old Pueblo Road 4/20/19

Led a group ride down a old 2 lane highway that parallels I-25 S. The road starts in Fountain, CO. and ends at the Pikes Peak International Raceway. JoLynn and I rode the 8 miles from our storage unit to John Metcalf Park in Fountain, CO. There were several "rides/events" going on in the area on 4/20 so it ended up being, Me, JoLynn, Bob and his daughter Amy on her first Trike ride!! Old Pueblo Rd. doesn't have any emergency lanes and it winds thru the semi-arid part of Colorado Springs along Fountain Creek. It was a great day to ride, 80F, partly cloudy with just a slight breeze, the traffic wasn't too bad for a Saturday, we even got passed by a very fast group of Olympic Training Center bicyclist's, they were quite friendly for going as fast as they were! Bummer, the visitor center at PPIR was closed, but LOL, at least the porta-potty was open and clean!

 It was a round trip of about 20 miles and a total of 33 miles for JoLynn and I, the longest ride we've been on in a looooong time! Although the last part was bit rough on JoLynn, we've got to remember she NEEDS to eat something every 10 miles to keep her blood sugar level up above 90. That and I'm having a real PIA time with my "TAILBONE" and the mesh seat on my Terra Trike Tour II, it's putting so much pressure against my tailbone, I'm getting uncomfortable at 10 miles and was in sore agony by 30 miles?? I have a full seat pad and it's reclined as far as I can get it and I've loosened and tighten straps but northing is helping, RATS! Otherwise it was a excellent ride with great company!

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