Saturday, February 2, 2019

My wife JoLynn had a heart attack on Jan. 12th.

Sadly I have to report that my wife JoLynn had a heart attack on Jan. 12th. This attack also brought on "diabetes" so on top of trying to recover from the attack she's now a Type 2 diabetic! :( It's been rough as she is having severe nausea and a real problem keeping food and meds down. She has gotten a prescription for a drug that coats her gastric system to keep away the nausea but it's only a temp fix. It's going to be a looooong process getting her back to where she can ride her trike again but we will keep fighting and recovering awaiting that day she's cleared to RIDE again!! I am only able to take a couple of hour ride around our neighborhood here in Security, CO. IF the weather is semi-decent say 8-10 miles so I too will need to "re-train" for longer rides someday! BJ

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