Saturday, February 16, 2019

Just an update

It's February 16th. a windy chilly partly cloudy day. I've only been able to get in a couple of hour to two hour rides around Security/Widefield CO. (Southern Colorado Springs), due to nursing JoLynn back to a much better state of health. She is now doing walks and spinning for 20 minutes two times a day on our recumbent style exercise bike but after finding a medication that would let her keep food and heart meds down she is slowly recovering. Have no idea yet when she will be able to get back on her trike but it's great to see her improve enough that on Monday the 18th. she will be going back to work, "part time" to start out to see if she can handle the stress of her job as a "Accounts Receivable Clerk" for a Chevy/Honda/VW auto dealership.

LOL of course I might finally get a bit of time during the week to RIDE and it's turning VERY COLD, highs are only in the "TEENS" F for the next 3 or 4 days, RATS!! :( Hopefully we will get a warming trend after that and I can get in some miles. Due to the expenses of her medications, constant doctor visit's we've had to turn in our Dodge Caravan to be repossessed. :(  We will be very limited to where we can RIDE the trikes in the future and I'm not sure the Front Range Recumbent Trikes and Bikes Group I started will survive without ME being the main "Ride Leader". Oh well that's life and we got thrown a HUGE curveball and it will take us YEARS to get out from under the hospital bills, that are just starting at a sum of $4000 just my little panic attack visit to the ER much less JoLynn's almost $100,000 hospital stay!!!! :(  Wish us the best, right now I will be HAPPY just to get her back on her tike and RIDE! :) BJ

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