Saturday, July 21, 2018

The last of the Summer "Southeast Area Bike Fest's"

There have been 3 Southeast Area Bike Fest's here in Colorado Springs, CO. since May and today was the last one for the summer of 2018. The first one we just showed up to check it out and found out it was run by a friend, Allen B. and LOL, he "drafted us" into help with the "Community Ride" for the event by being "Sweep Riders".  A Sweep Rider is the last rider in the group and makes sure all the riders get to the ride destination and back to the event area, safely!  We had a smaller group this time but they were a fun group, that included a little 4 year old girl we'd just got her first bike on Tuesday! She rode a little shakey but did great making the 3 mile RT on the Sand Creek Trail!!  We stopped at Wildflower Park and Allen gave out Popsicles and cold water as it was in the 90F's temp wise!! We even had two twin brothers on "scooters", do the whole 3 miles while Mom and Dad rode bikes with "trailers", incase they didn't make it!  We don't use the van for these rides, we ride from the storage unit to the Event and then back home, adding the 3 mile ride it comes out to about 13 miles.  It's a small way we give back to the local community! (Event Sponsors: Bike Colorado Springs/Kids On Bikes/Armed Forces YMCA/Girl Scouts/Pike Bike Share of Colorado Springs)

The Community Ride Group at Wildflower Park, I'm in the "red jersey" and JoLynn is holding up the water bottle! :)

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