Saturday, July 14, 2018

A two trail ride

We wanted to start at America The Beautiful Park in down town Co. Springs but they were having Pride fest and wanted to charge $10 for what's usually FREE parking, we blew that pop stand and parked at the Bike Plaza/Fontanaireo Trail head of the Legacy Loop for FREE! :). They haven't made the future concrete trail from the trail head to the popcycle bridge yet so we took the slightly rocky dirt trail to the bridge and headed up the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. We stopped at Criterium Bicycles for water and a break, shared a bar and a bag of jelly belly "sport beans" and headed up the Greenway to the start of the Cottonwood Trail which only goes for a couple of miles then the tunnel is "blocked off" till they finish the new bridge at Academy Blvd. and they make the "trail" go underneath it, it will add a lot of miles heading EAST when it completed!! :). We picked up the Vincent St. Bike Lane, Nevada Ave. Trail back to the new shopping center and got back on the PP Greenway Trail and headed back to the van. 13 miles RT, 90F+ with a nice breeze. Packed up the trikes and headed to Wendy's for lunch! :)

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