Friday, July 13, 2018

Rode the Sinton Trail

On Sunday, July 8th. we packed up the trikes in the van and headed out to ride the Sinton Trail, parked again at the Goose Gossage Youth Athletic Fields where the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail and the Sinton Trail intersect. It's not a long ride only 12 miles RT but it has LOTS of steep inclines but it also has the most SHADE so we traded "distance for altitude"! ;)  It follows as smallish creek and does a nice winding trail, all asphalt/concrete mix. You first go under a rail road over bridge and up a steep but short grade till it mellows out as it passes Sinton Pond. Then a major intersection with Chestnut St. and keep heading north. finally you get to the "tiny tunnel", LOL, it's only big enough for 1 bike/trike and it's kinda DARK!!  I swear it was a JOKE by the trail planners but it's LOT safer on the trikes than on our old Comfort Bicycles!!  Then the trail continues along a very DEEP drainage ditch up to Garden of the Gods Rd., turn left and ride the very wide concrete path up to 31st. St. and the Loaf & Jug store for a cold drink and a 1/4 pound hot dog!:)  Now the FUN begins as it all very fast down hill most of the way back to the Pikes Peak Greenway and the Van, YEE HAW!!! :) Packed the van and headed home, oh forgot, on the way back JoLynn had a FLAT tire, left front just like mine last week, hope that's the last of them for a time!!  :) Sunny, very warm, light breeze a lot of FUN! :)

The Infamous Tiny Tunnel!!! :O

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