Friday, February 16, 2018

Got in a local area ride!

Managed to get in a 13 mile, local area (Security/Widefield, CO.) ride on Thursday, on Weds. we had 60+ mph winds and stuff was flying everywhere so even with a 65F temp it wasn't SAFE to ride!! There's several small hills, lots of flats in my area so I just headed down back streets I haven't bothered with in YEARS! Still getting use to the TIRKE, it's not as fast as my DF comfort bicycle but I do enjoy the "laid-back" ride of this Recumbent Trike!  Had a bit of wind here and there but it was 55F and Sunny while I was out so it felt good to ride!  I'm still working up my recumbent legs with only 7 speeds it's going to take a while, LOL!! I hope to get the funds to put on a Patterson 2-speed drive unit soon as it will double my gears and make them lower for easier pedaling up some of the BIG hills here and throughout Colorado Springs!!  Today is Friday, 2" of fresh SNOW and a bit of ice so no riding today maybe by Sunday! :)

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