Monday, February 29, 2016

On a "Latte" ride with the Colorado Springs Cycling Club

Managed to get in one more ride in Feb., last Saturday I went on a "cafe Latte" ride with some of the members of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club. It's a mellow'er pace than most of the rides so it fit me well! The ride starts and head to different "coffee shops" in and around Colorado Springs, CO. and even though I don't drink coffee, it's usually a FUN ride. We put in about 12 miles and I had 9 miles getting to and from the ride so I ended up with around 21 miles for the day. Did have a bit of delay as I was riding "sweep" (last rider) and one of the couples on a tandem had a flat tire, twice so I headed back to the start with the Ride Leader, we loaded her bicycle into the couples SUV and she went to pick them up. I headed home and enjoyed the day!

Here's a couple of photo's of the group at the coffee house!

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