Thursday, November 30, 2023

The last few rides of November!

Well November has come to an end, all in all, it's been a good month to ride in 2023! So, let's wrap this month up. 

11-22 Headed towards downtown to pick up the Midland Trail over to 31st Street, had our brown bag lunch and iced tea. Decided to head up the 31st Street bike lane over to the Foothills Trail. on the way, Jo got a shot of me creeping up the hills, LOL! Warm, sunny a very enjoyable ride!

 Then the COLD and snowy weather hit so for a few days, we had to use the indoor recumbent exercise bike, bummer! 


Had a few things going on so we stayed a bit closer to home, we rode what we call the Vincent Frontage Road Loop. It was a breezy and chilly day but sunny and still very rideable. After we stopped at Panera Bread for our brown bag lunch and iced tea, Jo wanted to get a photo of a local rock formation in Ute Valley Park so we headed up the back way using the detour trail over to the Nevada Ave Bike Lane, then the Vincent Frontage Road Trail over to the Cottonwood Creek Trail to get to the Pikes Peak Greenway. 


Since we'd been north and east a lot so we headed South on the Weber St. bike lane over to America the Beautiful Park to pick up the Midland Trail into Manitou Springs. Another sunny but slightly chilly day for the last ride in November! We jumped off at 31st. St. to go to Starbuck's for our brown bag lunch and iced tea. Then back on the Midland/Creekwalk trail to Schyvier Park in Manitou. Headed back down the trail heading east, picked up the Mesa Springs Greenway, over to Monument Valley Park. Stopped at the Pickel Ball Court Bleachers, ate our afternoon snack, then headed up the BIG HILL to pick up the Cascade St. bike lane back to the storage unit. Tucked away the trikes and walked the 1.2 miles home as the sun was setting!

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