Tuesday, November 7, 2023

November 2023 1-7- Misc. rides

 It's that time of the year, the days and the rides both in numbers and mileage are less! It's been a pretty good November, only a few creepy days but with daylight savings, it's a real PIA, 1st. have to wait for it to warm up, then you only have so much daylight to ride! So here's our November 1st. ride, 

This was heading home from a "iced tea" for lunch run after getting a new drive chain installed on Jo's trike.

November 2, We hadn't been up to the Starsmoor Center at North Cheyenne Canyon for quite a while. We road up Cheyenne Blvd. to Starsmoor, which is like a "ranger station/visitor center. Headed back down and stopped at the Sacred Grounds Cafe, again for "iced tea" and the brown bag lunch. 

Check out the YouTube Video of the ride!! 

November 4, We rode in the Colorado Springs Veteran's Day Parade in downtown. We rode with a group called the "Human Powered Veterans Group", this year was a bit different as we had NO upright bikes show up, just recumbents and customs! Stagged a 9:30 and started at 10:15, we try to do this every year, it's FUN. Turn out seemed a bit smaller but I was a beautiful sunny day so folks found other things to do, bummer! 

Here's video of the Parade:

November 7, Due to a on going family crisis, we needed a "chill out" ride so we headed over to Manitou Springs, via the Midland and Creek Walk Trails. Stopped at a Starbucks on Co. Ave. and 31st. Street for, you guessed it "iced tea" with our brown bag lunch. It was sunny and warm but a bit windy at times, there would be times on the trail that we were riding thru a "shower of leaves", LOL! Headed back to the storage unit via the Mesa Springs Greenway. Cold Front coming in tomorrow with a "trace to 2 in. of snow" so no riding on Wed. 

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