Saturday, September 23, 2023

September 2023-Summer trying to hang on but Fall is in the air

 Well lot's going on thru the rest of September, Our high school 50th. year reunion, my uncle Merlyn Plumlee's induction to the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum "Hall of Fame", etc. Summer has done it's best to "hang in there", even though you can feel and tell that sadly, Fall is in the air. Major bummer is that Jo has got what the doctors are calling a mild case of Covid 19 so for the last week I have been riding alone! :( I got Jo the meds she needs and since there's "nothing" I can do to help her get over this damned virus, she told me to go ride and enjoy the warm temps while they last!! 

Monday, Sept. 18, I just rode around the trails and then decided to head to Monument Valley Park and see if the City, got started in repairing the "Duck Ponds". The normal Monument Creek Trail is closed off as they are removing some telephone poles that are currently in the middle of the trail! I took Recreation Way over to Glenn Ave., which we renamed as "Gernaded Ave." due to the huge amount of potholes you have to avoid!! Sadly the Duck Ponds are still just a bit of brown mud water and no work has started on their rebuild.

Thursday, Sept. 21, I decided to do a "different views" ride, here is the video and a photo where I stopped at our neighborhood entry sign on a multi-trail ride around the city of Colorado Springs:

Friday, Sept. 22nd. was mainly a "errand ride" to find some lances for Jo's diabetic meter as our local Walgreens has been out for a while and she was down to zero!!! Headed up Sinton Trail and the bike lane on Centennial Blvd and found them at the Walgreens up that way! Rode the Centennial Blvd. bike lane up to 30th. St. to hook up at the Foothills and Sinton Trail Junction. Got a couple of photos at the "TUNNEL" on the Sinton Trail.

Stopped for a couple of photos of Douglas Creek that flows along the Sinton Trail.

Taking a break on Saturday, then will head back out on the trails and bike lanes on Sunday, looks like a great week of weather ahead before the gray and chill of Fall get's to full strength! That's it for now, Ride LOW, Ride SLOW, Ride RECUMBENT!! 

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