Sunday, September 10, 2023

September 2023, Continued-Hot Ride in the City!!

9/6/2023 Headed out on the Templeton Gap Trail, at one point, it has a fork in the trail so we took the right fork and headed to it's north ending point on Ranch Road. Then we headed back down the trail, across the bridge to the Flintridge Bike Lane, heading east up to Academy Blvd. and a Starbuck's for unsweetened iced tea and our brown bag lunch. Back down Flintridge to the T Gap, then south to the tunnel under Union Blvd and east on the T-Gap to Portal Park for break and afternoon snack. Back to the storage unit and tucked away the trikes. 20 miles, HOT 90 F Sunny!

9/8/2023 Multi-Trail ride on another HOT 90 F day! Took a few photo's at the Pike Revisor and along the Pikes Peak Greenway heading back to the storage unit, then walked home. 

9/9/2023 Had to take a ride all by myself as Jo stayed home, nursing a mean sinus headache. So I headed out north on the PP Greenway and then the Cottonwood Creek Trail and back for lunch, as I had a $2.00 off a sandwich Panera Bread Membership I needed to use before it expired. Got a excellent Black Forest Ham and Goda Cheese Melt, YUM! Stopped to get photo of the Front Range foothills with Pikes Peak to add as a start up for my video. Had to use the backup GoPro Hero 2 as the GPH 3 didn't charge, not sure what happened? Turned off the PP Greenway and headed west up the Sinton Trail up to 31st. Street, turned around with a quick pit stop at Angletech https// talked to Kirk about different tires for the front end of the trike for bit softer ride in the future! Then back to the storage unit. 19 miles HOT again, 87 F, Sunny and the 1.2 mile walk home.


Here's the Video, ENJOY!

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