Wednesday, June 21, 2023

June 18-21, 2023-The HEAT is on, finally got to ride several days in a Row!!

Father's Day (18) was a bit of a whirlwind, we got up early and walked to the Omlette Parlor Restaurant to get 1/2 priced Omlette's for breakfast! Headed out for a hot and sunny ride on the Foothills Trail and pieces of other trails for a really FUN day in the Sun!

June 19, we rode a multi-trail, bike lanes and side streets ride just to enjoy the hot temps and sunshine. Ended up on the Mesa Springs Greenway before heading for the storage unit, here's a short-video: 

and a couple of photos:

June 20, Headed up the Sinton Trail over to the Garden of the Gods Road to a new Whataburger for lunch as we had a "buy one, get one FREE" coupon! Good Burger and unsweet Iced Tea! Headed west of Garden of the Gods Road up to reconnect with the Sinton Trail but heading east, ie: downhill!! Rode thru the Tiny Tunnel, etc. again, HOT and SUNNY day, just awesome! Here is a video

June 21, Well after it being so cold, rainy and grey for almost a month in mid May to mid June, we were feeling a bit worn out by the heat level and decided to just do our Weekly Food Run and call it a day. Was a bit tough as they are doing construction on the curbs/ramps off of the Rock Island Trail so we were forced onto the "sidewalk" along Union Blvd. to get to the Walmart Neighborhood Market Place store and we had to climb a VERY steep hill, with a fully loaded cargo trailer!! I may have to have a 22/32/44 mountain bike triple crankset on the SUN EZ-1 SC Lite recumbent bike (2 wheels) to be able to not have to work so hard to tug that trailer up the steep hill till they finish construction work!! 

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