Tuesday, May 9, 2023

May 7, 2023-The weather guesser's said sunny and warm, more like cloudy and chilly!!

The day started sunny but the clouds rolled in fast so our ride today was cloudy, gray and with a semi-chilly breeze. We headed south on the Weber St. bike lane into downtown over to the US Olympic/Paralympic Muesum and over to America the Beautiful Park to see if the city had finally opened the rest rooms for the warmer months. From there we picked up the Midland Trail heading west with the idea of riding into Manitou Springs. We stopped at the 31st. Street Starbuck's for unsweet iced tea to go with our brown bag lunch, As we ate, it got darker and windy, the peak looked like it had rain coming down the valley so we headed back over to downtown but stopped at the Museum to take a couple of photos on the Sky Bridge! 

 From there thru downtown over to pick up Shooks Run Trail with a stop at Good Neighbors Meeting House for tea and our homemade energy bar snacks! Heading back to the storage unit on Shooks Run and the Cascade St. bike lane. Almost need leg warmers but we made it and did our normal 1.2 mile walk back to our apartment! 18 miles for the day and with luck it never actually rained!! 

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