Wednesday, May 3, 2023

May 2, 2023-Got in a good ride, lucky for us the Weather Guess'ers were WRONG!!

 Although the day started pretty cloudy and we had to wait for our landlord to check out a soft spot in our ceiling in our bathroom and were on hold with the Colorado Dept. of Revenue!! Finally we headed out figuring we'd get in a quick "lunch" ride but the weather got better, changed to mostly high thin clouds and it was warming up! Since it was so close to lunch time we headed up to the Starbuck's at the University Village Colorado Center for iced tea to go along with our brown bag lunch, we like their unsweetened green tea, it's a lot more mellow than the normal black teas most places use. 

 After lunch, we headed up the accessway along Nevada Ave. to the bike path over to Vincent St. Up over the bridge thru the traffic circle and back down to the trailhead for the Cottonwood Creek Trail. Rode the CCT over to the Pikes Peak Greenway heading south.

Down the PPGreenway to Fontanero St. over to pick up the Mesa Springs Greenway north to it's current ending point. Turned around and stopped at a park bench and ate our afternoon snack. Time to head back to the barn (storage unit), tucked away the trikes and walked back to the apartment. 17 miles, partly cloudy, breezy with 60 F+ temps. Really glad we decided to ride even with the late start! 

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