Thursday, June 24, 2021

June 20 & 23, 2021

June 20: 20.30 miles RT and nice ride on a very HOT day, lot's of days at 90F + during June, much hotter than normal for So. CO. A fathers day ride we dubbed the "Search for FREE chicken", LOL! ;) Had a by one get one free Carl's Jr. sandwich so we tried out there new chicken and it was really GOOD!

June 23: Due to JoLynn being both a Type II diabetic and having prior heart disease, she has to take medications for both and sometimes, they don't work well with each other, especially as the temps start climbing up and it get's hot outdoors!! This can cause her blood pressure and blood sugar levels to drop "too low" and she can get DIZZY! She got her bicycle in March and it seemed like things were working well but as of June and 90 F temps, she's had three, "all most dropping the bike" situations! She decided to go back to riding a "3 wheel recumbent TRIKE and sell the bicycle. So this was the first RIDE on her new to her Terratrike Rover X8 Trike. We kept the pace mellow so she get use to the trike as it rides different and uses different muscle groups than a normal bicycle!! She's enjoying the trike and the SMILE is back on her face! Come along for the RIDE! :) Here is a video of Jo's first ride on her new to her TRIKE!! :)

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