Saturday, January 11, 2020

Road ride around Security/Widefield and Fountain Mesa

On Weds. Jan. 8th. we headed out around our area for a bit of a road ride. Heading south thru Security thru Widefield and out to Old Mesa Road we headed up to Fountain Mesa and stopped at a Arby's for a 5 for $5 Slider and Salad lunch! After lunch we decided to go back via Bradley Road with a stop at the Bluestem Prairie Open Space for photo or two as there is a great view of the local mountains and Pikes Peak off to the west from Bradley Road! The day was partly sunny and slowly heading to 60F with just a bit of breeze, we rode a 15 mile round trip with a few steeper grades here and there, then back to the Security area with a stop off at Piute Park for a apple and cracker snack break! From there back streets to our storage unit to tuck the trikes away for the next ride! Fun day!

 Note: The Open Space usually has a short walking trail (dirt) around the Big Johnson Resivour which is DRY as of now as they drained it to clean the bottom. It's suppose to be filled back up in Feb. 2020, FYI. :)

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